24 hours in Lisboa

How should you spend 24 hours in Lisboa? I can tell you, it would be never boring in this colourful sunshine city in the south of europe.

First of all, I should mention, that it was definitely not our plan to spend 24 hours in lisboa, we should only have a short stop there on our trip to america. But sometimes plans are the one thing and the other is, that life will show it better to you 😉


So we drove with the taxi from the airport to the Novotel Hotel, where we spend this night. We can really recommend that hotel, the personal was very friendly, the rooms are highly comfortable with an insane large bathroom and the breakfast was simply perfect.

Early in the morning, we drove with the metro to the center of Lisboa. First we took a walk during the sweet small streets, as we always do in the morning – ähm no, of course we were searching for coffee 😉

Then we decided to drive with the tram through lisbon – this was just a great idea. You get a perfect view from the city during these ups and downs, because Lisboa was built on seven hills over the tajo river. We bought for the tram the 24-hour ticket, with it you have the opportunity to get in and out at every single stop. This is as made for Lisboa, because behind every corner you can explore something new or just stroll through the streets and watch the breathtaking view.

After this tour, we spend some time at the cais das colunas, a very large place with a nice view to the ponte 25 de abril and there’s also a small beach where you can enjoy the sunshine.


Unfortunately, after this visit, we had to leave lisboa for another adventure, but we’re really excited about lisbon and we’ll definitely come back for a second and also longer stay.

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