VERO – we really need a new social media platform?

No algorithms and no advertising – at the first glance it sounds like a new and much better instagram, but is it really so?

At the beginning I must say I was a bit in conflict with myself, if it’s really necessary to be on every platform, to do what everyone else do and to follow the seemingly unstoppable hype about vero. After one week on vero I can really say, it was an absolutely great idea to join the vero community.


Why is it much better as instagram?
Beforehand, I think I talk with the following sentence for a lot of people: The advertising on instagram isn’t the yellow from the egg, the opportunity to find new people is more than limited and I won’t start talking about the new algorithms :/ All in all, be fame on instagram without advertising is actually moved far into the distance. At the beginning of 2018 it looked like a hard year for influencer.

. . . and then comes vero
The advertising campaign of vero was immense, also the little trick with the first million user get it “free for life” was a brilliant tactic and the hype starts.


But what’s the secret of this app?
The first impression from vero was the design and the handling. It’s really modern, colorful and absolutely different to instagram – and I really like it. Then I begin to discover vero and I was really surprised, what it all offers. On instagram you can “only” share pics but on vero you’ve got the opportunity to share your favourite music, films, places, books and also links.


And that’s the simple secret about vero. It’s not only for sharing pics, you can do much more with it, it’s a very great mix of facebook – but not so overload with information – and instagram – but without advertising. So if the owners will hold on their concept: no ads, no bots, no algorithms, the hype won’t stop and it surely be better as instagram.

So in this sense – you can also follow me on vero 😉

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