Mali Losinj – croatian’s insider tip

Springtime is coming, therefore it’s time for a little throw back to our trip to mali losinj in april last year – and maybe you’ll find a travel Inspiration in this stunning place 🙂

For beginning I should mention, that I’m absolutely an italian lover. It’s such a great country, the food is excellent, people’s mentality is great and the landscape is awesome. But in the last years, I spend my weekend- & summer trips more and more in croatia. It’s also a great landscape aaand  as you know, I love the sea, but not only the italian sea – no, I mean these fascinated deep deep clear blue sea like you’ll find it in croatia – I can’t get enough of it 🙂


But sufficient from my enthusiasm of the sea – I’ll tell you something about this trip 😉 So why I spend my vacation in mali losinj? I’ve already visited the larger places in istrien, like pula, opatija, rijeka, porec, rabac, the island krk and so on, therefore the next near destination was cres or mali losinj and also the crushes from my mum about this place influenced the decision, because she was there a few years ago.

So with my husband we drove until brestova, there we take the ferry to porozina and then the fast and furious road starts 😀 because the streets in cres aren’t fully developed as at the mainland and at some parts, there’s only one street for the whole traffic. But I must say, it’s also great to visit places, free of endless houses, skycrapres and shops ranked on shops, places where the nature can be how she is.

The way from porozina till veli losjin is really great, I feel in love with this place, the endless landscapes, the amazing view until the mainland and from the other side also to the islands krk, rab and pag – it’s just awesome, we also had the perfect clear weather for such a great view.

We discovered veli and mali losinj by foot and by bicycle – the bike roads are great, you can drive at the way very closed to the sea – where you can marvel at the beautiful nature, the pine forests, the sparkling sea and maybe you can also watch a dolphin.

The town of mali losinj is really cute, the small streets invite to stroll and you should absolutely taste from the fresh fishes 🙂 When you’re on the road with the bike, you’ll find along the coast a few beaches, where you can stop, take a short break and swim in the sea. You’ll find such places all over there and if you’re lucky, you’ll be there alone.

In summary I can recommend this place at the fullest, it’s a great place for a timeout from the everyday life. you can slow down and enjoy the beautiful nature of this Island.

hotel tip: we spent our vacation in the Vitality Hotel Punta – this one I can also recommend, the buffets are amazing – also the choice of the food, the bar is great and the rooms are very nice with the perfect morning view to the sea 😉

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