Mallorca – sun drenched dream Island with the turquoise blue sea

Summer is coming and I can’t wait for warmer days, balmy endless summer evenings and great adventures. Therefore I’ve got another travel inspiration for you from my trip to majorca / spain in october last year.


Why I’ve choice mallorca? I think I needn’t to mention, that spending a vacation at this beautiful balearic island is an absolutely must on your bucket list. No matter which vacation you prefer, in majorca you can have everything, starting at sightseeing, just a beach holiday, a party weekend or simply to explore the island. Mallorca offers for everybody the right things and for me the right sea (again 😉 ) the sea there is sooo clear and turquoise blue it’s just awesome. But before I start to share my love to this sea, I’d like to tell you something about my vacation there.


I’ve booked a combi ticket consisting of flight, hotel and a rent car. This way is really perfect for island trips, because so you can see a lot or even the whole Island (it depends on the size of it 😉 ) and you can also discover the Island life offside the touris routes. Mallorca is full of surprises with a lot of stunning landscapes, of undescribable awesome viewpoints over the coasts, a lot of typically spain cities and also palma de mallorca offers many – not only the party life.


I spent my vacation in majorca with friends, our hotel was located in portocolom. This place was perfect to discover the whole east coast and also the south coast till palma de mallorca. We had a lot of perfect beaches in the near, this city is a bit small, but it offers even a lot of bars and restaurants and around 45 minutes you’re in palma de mallorca.

We explored a lot of nice beaches like cala llombards, cala figuera, cales de mallorca, platja des trenc, cala mandia, you’ll find the most beautiful beaches at the southeast side of this Island. But I must say, the best way to enjoy a beach day at the Island is just to discover it and you’ll be surprised, how many wonderful undiscovered places you’ll find and they aren’t crowed with tourists. And guys I can tell you, I’ve never seen such clear turquoise blue water before, it was just stunning, you must see it with your own eyes.

If you’re searching for perfect shopping places, you’ll find in cala milor and manacor the shopping heaven 🙂 Porto cristo is also a nice place there you can visit the coves del drac, we didn’t do it, but we enjoyed the awesome view there, strolled through the souvenir shops and the city.

A must see is of course palma de mallorca, where you can also walk through the streets, find some markets or explore some sightseeing’s like la seu the famous cathedrale, the almudaina palast and a lot of museums and also a visit at the famous Ballermann shouldn’t be missing.

In summary I can recommend you to visit mallorca. This place offers so much more as the cliché of the party Island, it impressed with a beautiful landscape, an awesome clear turquoise blue sea and endless beaches with white sand 🙂

About this trip:

Hotel: OLA Hotel El Vistamar, Portocolom
Flight: airberlin
Booking: via airline holidays

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