It’s time for the real important things in life

“always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”

Actually I just wanted to post this quote on instagram and know I’m writing a blog post about this theme, active blogger will know this kind of blogger problem haha 😉

I think this is an awesome quote to think about the real important things in life. Yeah sure, we all live in this virtual instagram world, but there’s also another life we all have, the “real” life and it’s waiting for us. Let’s be honest, everyone on instagram with an own blog and/or more than thousand follower have sure thought about doing instagram as a fulltime job. But is this really important in life? Should we really spend hours and hours sitting in front of laptop’s, pc’s or smartphone’s, spending a few hundred hours on edit pictures or try to creat the almost perfect post. No, we shouldn’t, if we do so, life will pass us, we won’t recognize it and we’ll miss the best moments of our life.

Why I’m writing about this?
Yesterday I met one of my girls and as we talked about our stuff, our lifes and then she mentioned, that now it’s about 1,5 years ago, that one of her friends died from one of the other day, without premonition or time to say goodbye. Since this time, she don’t care about time anymore, especially she spend it with her friends, because life is too short, things can happen too fast and we should enjoy every moment with our friends, family and when we’re doing things we really love, because we’ll never know when it’d be the last time.

Think more about yourself!
Everyone knows and everybody also has this phase in life, where you don’t know what you should do with your life, where you doubt yourself if the way you’ve choosed is the right one and you’re thinking about all the decisions you made, if they were right or you should have taken a different path. And sometime you hear a sentence and then the life puzzle adjusts itself and you can see the way that be ahead of you and you know what you have to do. There’re no self-doubt, no thinking about decisions, no brooding about the future anymore, from one second to another everything will be fit and clear.

That’s how it happened to me.
In the last time I thought a lot about my life and my way, where I wanna be in a few years and what I’ll do. There was no special reason for it, but sometimes you’re at a point of your life, where you think about things like this. And then, after a few weeks with a lot of thoughts, you’re in such a situation, where you know at once exactly what you expect from life and this feeling is really liberating. Even sometimes it’s good for you and your soul to take time for yourself to think about your life, your life goals, what you expect from life and what you wanna reach. It’d chance your attitude of life.

Take care of your time – she’s precious
I really enjoy spending time on instagram and naturally, if you get cooperation’s you’re much more happy and a bit proud about yourself, that you’re work is recognized. But we all also have another life outside of the virtual world, which is waiting for us that we discover and enjoy it.

Also young people spend oodles and oodles on hours at their smartphone’s, it’s really horrible if you’re passing a bus stop or a group of teenager, around the half people will play with their mobile phone. I’m absolutely not against the digitization, it’s our future, but we should also think about the real important things in life, what we wanna do, with whom we’ll spend our time and also what things or people make us feel happy to be alive 😉

For me it’s really important to spend time with family and friends and then will come my passion for travel – being on new places, where I’ve never been before, makes me always smile 🙂

So take care about your time and what you do with it, don’t waste it with unimportant things and spend more time on real important things which makes you feel alive 🙂

What makes you happy to feel alive?

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