LIFE UPDATE – Hi, it’s me :)

Hi, it’s me – Christina. After a long time, I’ve found time for writing a new blog post aaand I also thought it’s time for a new part in my blog – life updates. By the way, I wasn’t sure, if it’s absolute necessary to write life updates. Then I made some thoughts about it and asked myself the question “What do my follower know about my life?” Except the fact, that I love travelling, that I’m an austrian girl and marriage not very much. Therefore it would be the time for some life updates – even if it’s only every few months (my life isn’t so excited at all 😉 )


Soo, where should I start? In my last months happened a lot different things, therefore I didn’t found the time to write blog posts. My free time in march, april and may were overload with doing study things like writing some thesis and getting ready for some exams. After may I was really happy to passed this time, to have more free time and to do all the necessary homework things, which I have neglected in the last few month. In may I also changed my working place and now I’ve got a lot to do during my work, so that’s also another reason, why I’ve unfortunately less time for insta & my blog 😦 But I really love my new work and I’m really happy to do what I love, every day. I hadn’t the chance at my last working place to do and to work, what I really like. My opinion is, if you move every day to work with a bad feeling, you don’t like your work and your work didn’t complete you, it’s time to chance something and for me it was the time to do something new and it was very important, that I also love what I do and not only work, because it’s necessary.


Nevertheless, I’ve also spend in the last month a few days on some trips. After our retour from the usa and canada in february, we did no travels until april, only some daytrips. In april I spend a longer weekend with a friend of my in bella italia, more precisely in rome. In may I spend a longer weekend with my husband in croatia on the island hvar. And now in june I spend a weekend with my mum also in croatia, istria, novigrad. Naturally, I will tell you all about these travels in separate blog posts 🙂 (aand a lot more things, because we also made some beautiful daytrips in austria).


In the next few weeks I’ll spend some time to enjoy the summer in austria. I really love the summers here, we don’t do summer vacations (only weekend trips) because austria offers so beautiful places in the mountains and at the lakes, that I always think it’s not essential to spend a weekend at the sea in summer. For the next weeks we plan one or two weekend trips, maybe to venice or somewhere to the adria. We also have a wedding in two weeks and I need something to wear for this event… so guys, I can tell you, it won’t be boring in the next weeks. I hope I can find time to write some blog posts about my travels this year.



soo and that my life updates aren’t so boring, I’ll tell you some facts about me:

  1. christina is my name, but it’s really long to spell and most of my friends and family call me chrissi
  2. I’m from austria, from carinthia (it’s located in the south of carinthia) there I live in the görtschitztal, close to the city eberstein
  3. I really love to blog, but it’s a hobby for me, because I naturally have a  real life with a full-time job, a husband, a house and a cat 🙂
  4. As mentioned I love animals, so we’ve a cat – he’s called johnny and he’s a little boss, you can compare it with we live in the house from our cat… 😀 (I think a few of you will know that problem 😉 )
  5. I really love it to travel, so it’s close that my work has also something to do with travel 😉


always do what you love and be who you wanna be,
because it’s your life – you just have one !!

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