I must say, that I was really excited to spend a longer weekend in this impressive city – would this really be such an awesome place? You hear, read and also learn a lot about this city with such a large history for so a long time and I can tell you your expectations won’t be disappointed.


I’ve visit rome in april 2018 – this was really the right season – the weather was perfect warm for sightseeing and shopping 😉 Arrived at the airport (FCO) in rome, I choose for the transfer into the city a taxi, because my hotel was located in aurelio, close to the vatican city. After the check in I started to discover this city – so we got by bus into the center. At the first day we strolled through the promenade on the tiber, visit the castel sant’angelo, the pantheon, the piazza navona and the trajan’s column.

At the second day, we started our excurse at the capitol, then next to the roman forum and further to the famous colosseum. For the colosseum it’s better that you buy your tickets online, so you can save time and wait in the smaller line 🙂 If you’re at the colossuem, it’s also a must-see to visit the palatino, it’s like a small park with a few sightseeings and on the top you also have a great view over the city.

On the way back to our hotel, we walked through the city and visit the spanish steps. I thought, that the most tourists were at the colossuem, but the spanish steps topped it. The piazza di spagna is also a nice place for spend a lazy summer evening there.

The next day we visit the famouse trevi fountain – and how it should be others – there were also soo many people. If you’ll have this sightseeing for your own, you must visit it really early in the morning.

We spend our last day in the vatican city, visited the museum, the st peters basilica dome, the st peters square and the sistine chapel. These all are really impressive buildings and if you stay in rome, it should also be on your sightseeing list as a must-see 🙂

The best you can do in rome is – also like in every other big city in europe – stroll around without planning the route, discover the city without guide and you’ll be surprised, who many beautiful places you’ll find.


About this trip:
Hotel: cardinal hotel st.peter (booking via expedia)
Flight: alitalia: venice – rome (FCO) (booking direct)

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