Marrakesh – a trip to another magical world

I was really excited as I’ve planned our trip to marrakesh / morocco / africa – what would us really expect? So many people visit this beautiful country, I’ve seen a lot of awesome pictures and therefore I was really nervous what we would see.

I’ve seen a few countries around the world, but marrakesh flashed me from the beginning. This feeling is really difficult to describe: you see all around you felt 100 things in a second, you smell so many different scents and you get a huge amount of impressions. As european you’re very quickly overwhelmed with all these beautiful things, but as longer you stay in marrakesh, as easier will it be for you. I’ve never visit a country, where two completely different worlds match so strong together and this in just one city. Marrakesh is full of energy, ambitious and modern, it’s really fascinating to see these two worlds. European and african people – different cultures and religions – live door by door, close together, but you can also feel it, that not all moroccan people accept this change in the country, the changing from a normal african country to an international world open city. Marrakesh stands at the beginning of this change and it’d be a long strong way for bring together these two worlds into one amazing magical city – but it’s the right way 🙂


Well, now you’ll find some information, tips and my travel diary from marrakesh maybe it’d help you for your next adventure 😉

For getting from the airport to your hotel or riad, there’re some options

  • by taxi: if you choose this way, it’s a must to trade with morrocans. Don’t accept the first offer! A normal price for getting into the city is around 100MAD for two persons.
  • by private transfer: you can arrange a private transfer to your hotel or riad from this accommodation. The price for this is around 220MAD for two persons.
  • by bus: you can also try this variant, it’s the cheapest, also the most uncomfortable one and with a few suitcases also a bit difficult.

My husband and I decided us for the first option without any problems. For our stay in marrakesh, we decided to stay in a riad in the medina of marrakesh and also in a hotel outside of marrakesh. The reason for this move is, that we wanted to see the really life of marrakesh and therefore it’s the best option to stay in a riad. We choices the riad amina and we can highly recommend this beautiful place. The staff is so friendly and helpful, the traditional moroccan dinner and breakfast was simply amazing, all in all it’s a great place for a city trip with a beautiful roof top view for watching sunsets and sunrises.

Our second hotel was the hotel du golf, located in the north of marrakesh in the palmerie area. It’s also a perfect hotel, the place is really peaceful and the location is an ideal outgoing-point for excursions. In the resort there’re a few different restaurants, also a heated outdoor pool a spa and a lot of other things. We had a pleasant stay there and can also highly recommend the hotel too.

One of the first things we did in marrakesh was to stroll around in the old medina, watch the marrakesh life and move around in the seems endless ways of the medina. You can’t get lost in the medina, nearly every ways lead to the famous market place djemaa el fna and also the moroccan people are very helpful and will show you the right way.

Other things you can do in marrakesh:

  • Visit the famouse place djemaa el fna once at day and once at night. At day you’ll find beside fruite trades, bag, lamp and shoes stores also snake and monkey artists and you can make a traditional henna tattoo, made from people from the south of morocco. At night the place turns into a beautiful light, especially by watching the sunset there. Snake artists gone and the place get a mystic and fascinating touch by some story teller.
  • Stroll around through the souks, get lost there, feel the real marrakesh lifestyle, watch the craftsman by making lamps, shoes or bags and hold in for a break in one of the few rooftop bars by enjoying a traditional moroccan tea (peppermint or pepper) with an awesome view over marrakesh. If you see a garage, where they made products, stop and watch them by the making of.
  • Go to a traditional moroccan hamam – after it, you’ll feel soo clean and fleecy as never before in your life. I was really excited, because I didn’t know, what will happen in a hamam. First you can sit a few minutes in a sauna and then you get washed, get a peeling with a really rough glove and after it a body wrap. I’ve choosen also after the hamam a massage and this is really a perfect all-round combination.
  • Taste the freshness of morocco – you must try the freshest fruits I’ve ever eat. Pomegranate, orange or lemon juice trades can you find around every corner, you can watch the sellers by making a juice. At the souks and on the market you can also find a lot of typical local moroccan products like argon oil, soaps, spices and fruits, you can smell, taste and try them all. Deal with the sellers for a good price (tip: buy more and get a much lower price!). In restaurant or bars you must try the typical local moroccan products!
  • Watch a beautiful marrakesh sunset from a rooftop with a break taking view over the city. Sometimes you can also see until the mountains – what a view. Another perfect option for watching a sunset is to do a camel ride, it’s also really beautiful and the colours at the sky are at this time stunning.

Some does and don’ts for a marrakesh trip:

  • Change from euro to MAD – the local money of morocco, you’ll reach in every shops better prices with the local money
  • Deal with the moroccan people, they’re waiting of this, at all, they expect it, especially at the market, in the souks, in taxis and so on.
  • Appreciate the hospitality of the moroccan people. A moroccan tea and a msemen (moroccan pancake) is an absolutely must.
  • Don’t go with people you don’t know. You’ll meet a lot of people, they speak to you, they’ll offer you to go into the souks with you or they’ll sell you something. If you make such a tour, please make sure, that these people have a certificate. It’d truly be better, if you book a tour in your hotel or by a local agency.
  • Don’t make from everything or everybody pictures. Not all marrakesh people like this, some of them highly appreciate it, if you ask them to take a picture and give them some money for it.
  • Don’t go into european bars or cafes, try the local moroccan restaurants – you’ll enjoy the. moroccan kitchen 🙂

About this trip:
Hotel marrakesh medina: riad amina (booked via expedia)
Hotel outside of marrakesh: hotel du golf (booked via secret escapes)
Flight: austria airline: vienna – marrakesh (booked direct)

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