Hi – It’s me again 🙂 Yes, I know, for a few months, there was my blog really ghostly empty. The reason for it was, that it was a bit busy in the last month and I’ve spend the remain free time with family, friends or to travel around 😉 I couldn’t motivate myself to write on the weekends on my blog – but now, after a super relaxed vacay – I’m full motivated back, naturally with a lot of ideas and new things 🙂

But let’s start from beginning. July and august were soo fast over – I had the feeling, that I didn’t had time to enjoy the summer at all. Also the weather on the weekends wasn’t the best, therefore I was just a few times on the lakes. Either at st. georgen am längsee – this lake is really close to my home base, only 10 minutes away – or at the wörthersee. In July and august I was also invited to two weddings – so magical moments – I always delight these moments and remember back to my own big day.

Also in July I was invited to a blogger event in carinthia. I confess, I was really nervous, what would I expect, how are the other bloggers and so on, but I was really positively surprised. I met a few nice people and we made a super yummy cake 🙂

Fall was also so fast over – I generally always have the feeling, if january is over, the whole year runs and runs unstoppable and every year, everything becomes more fast – what a madness :/ From autumn I also had much more with family things to do, because my mum doesn’t feel good. It’s really a difficult way, because I’ve a very good relation with her and it’s even very hard for me to see, that she’s ill.


Notwithstanding I made a few trips in the last six month. After my longer weekend trip with my mum to croatia, I also spend a longer weekend with my husband in croatia again. We decided us for the city sibenik, it’s located between zadar and split. Then in september, I’ve booked a trip to the island sardinia, italy. I’d spend this week with my mum, because of her illness, she wasn’t able to do this trip, so I decided to travel alone. Yeah, I know what you say – “what, alone? I’ll never do a trip alone!” But guys, I can tell you, take all your courage, but it into a suitcase and spend once in lifetime a trip with yourself – you’ll love it 🙂 It was really the perfect trip, I made a roadtrip along the whole coast of sardinia and it was really relaxed, you can do what you want, you don’t need to take care of others and I also learned to do, what I wanna do, to be a bit selfish – but this is also necessary in today’s life.


Further, I spend in october a longer weekend with my husband in spain on the island ibiza. I was soo excited about this trip, I had a high amount of expectations on this island and I get disappointed – you can read more about it in a separate blog post. In november I was ill for longer than a week and then was almost december. I really love to ski and also in austria the conditions for it are awesome, so therefore my husband and I started our skiing season in december. On 30th december I start my last trip to london and spend the new year’s eve with my husband there. On 3th january we flew from UK back to vienna and further to marrakesh, where we enjoyed some sunny warm days. I loved this trip, I had a lot of time to relax, to reload my batteries and to come back full of energy 🙂 Sooo, about ibiza and marrakesh you can find the traveldiary in some separate blog posts and the other travelblogs will follow in the next weeks.

For the next month I’ve planned a few things to do at home, so we’ll renovate our bathroom and finish the rest of our construction works. I also planed my next trip in april with my friend and it goes to copenhagen and malmö. I’m really excited, what I’ll see, because I’ve never been in the north of europe – what a shame 😉 For the next weeks are some daytrips planed within austria, maybe I’ll spend one weekend in venice and for may I wanna stay a longer weekend in zurich, hope it’ll go out.


Naturally, you can find again five facts about me:

  1. September is my birthday month and this year I’ll celebrate a round birthday 😉
  2. I’m working in the logistic business – and I really love my work
  3. I’ve studied economics with main focus of finance and controlling – part time to my full-time job.
  4. This year, I’m for nine years in a relationship and we’re since four years marriage and still happy 🙂
  5. I confess, I’m travel addicted – I’ve ALWAYS booked a trip to somewhere to see new places – such a obsession 😉

Once in lifetime you must do something for yourself – pack your courage into your suitcase and make a trip with your own – you’ll love it!!

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