paris at spring season

paris paris je t’aime ♡ ähhm, sorry guys, I googled it, because I don’t speak french 😉 but I really love paris, especially at spring time. Generally france is a beautiful country. Now I’ve visit lyon, paris and we did a road trip at the cote d’azur. So therefore I can tell you a few things about france: I really really love the tasty food and the wines there (the wines are awesome!), the food at the cote d’azur is really great, even the fishes are yummy. The cliche of the unfriendly, arrogant and snooty french people, which don’t speak english is also not right, I think that times are gone in france, and it’s also like everywhere else, people are as friendly to you as you are to them.

But now back to paris / france / europe at spring season. I absolutely enjoyed my longer weekend there. Everything’s flourishes, you can take your coffee at a break from shopping or sightseeing in the sun. Paris has his own charm and flair, I loved the unconcerned lifestyle of the french people, their good taste in food, wine and commercial things. It’s really difficult to describe, you should visit paris once in lifetime.


Nevertheless, you’ll find some information, sightseeing tips and my travel diary from paris and maybe also a inspo for your next trip 🙂

We took a taxi for getting from the airport to paris, sure, there’re other possibilities, but we decided us for that way and it wasn’t so expensive. We stayed at the novotel hotel paris est. It’s a bit cheaper as a hotel inside of paris, a metro station is really close to the hotel (only 200m) so the possibilities to get into the city are great. I can also recommend the hotel, the service is fine, the rooms are perfect for a city trip and as mentioned the location also.

As in every other main city an absolutely must do is to stroll around in the city by foot – don’t use a car or too often the metro. Just walk around, you’ll find so many beautiful things or places, which aren’t mentioned in a travel guide. Below you can find my top five sightseeing places in paris, which are an absolutely must see 🙂 tip: for the sightseeing it’s a good idea to buy the tickets online, you can safe with it money and time, because you don’t need to stand in a line.

  • the eiffel tower at night – you’ll love it. The sparkle and shine lights, you can see it from all over the city. At day you see the tower from many places at the city, but at night, it’s really a beautiful visit. tip: for the top of the tower, take a jacket with you, it’s really windy and cold.
  • Arc de triomphe – also such an impressive building, with a great architecture. In the inside you can find a mini triomphe and on the top of it you have a nice view over the city.
  • the museum louvre – a classic. Also at this place is the building really stunning. I really love the glass pyramid and the exhibition is very interesting.
  • the famous disneyland – and no, you’re never too old for it 😉 We spent a day there and really loved it. You can take the train to this place, because it’s outside of paris. It’s so magical, to see your favourite children idols in real and also so many film places, people and things. It’s worth a visit.
  • And last but not least, the beautiful pont the arts. As we visit paris, you could bring a love lock on the bridge and trough the key into the seine. Now, it’s not possible to put a love lock on the bridge, only on the street lamps 🙂

inside tip: visit a show at the famouse moulin rouge 🙂


About this trip:
Hotel: novotel hotel paris est (booked direct)
Flight: austria airline: vienna – paris (booked direct)

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