chicago – my secret tip for an usa trip

Chicago / Illinois / America – This city was my secret favourite on our road trip through the east coast of the usa. If I should decide which city I liked the most, I didn’t know to choose between nyc and chicago, because both cities were awesome and everyone has his own stunning flair. Chicago has his special charm, a nice mix between a historic and modern jazz & blues lifestyle. I really enjoyed the architecture, it’s an old building style, but between the endless high skyscrapers, you can also find modern buildings. If you need from the big city life a short quality time, you can spend a few hours at the lake michigan, it’s like another place, without the typical city lifestyle and without the city noise. Also a little highlight in this city is the awesome tasty food – you must try it, especially the deep dish pizza – felt tons of calories but sooo yummy 🙂


Therefore you can find my travel diary and some information and travel tips for a city trip to chicago.

How you can get to this city? You can do it like we did: we drove from canada close to the lake erie through detroit and further to chicago by car. But there’re also a lot of options to fly from every bigger city in the usa to chicago. Our next connection was a flight to miami.

Did you know, that chicago is the third biggest city of america? In 1871 it burns completely down and today it’s one of the biggest and powerfullest cities of the world with an important financial sector. Not also the financial sector, also the buildings are more than impressive. Like in every other city a great idea is to stroll through the city, find some old special bars and to feel a bit the american lifestyle. Chicago was also a highlight of me, because the city is directly at the lake michigan, so you can enjoy the classic city life but you can also relax at the lake – such a perfect combination.

My top five must see places in chicago:

  • definitely my absolutely highlight of the whole usa trip was the sky deck in chicago. we went there at afternoon and we should wait around two hours, than the employee advised us, that we should come in the morning, there aren’t waiting hours. So we did so and came at the next day, a half hour before opening and we were the first one how visited the skydeck at this day. I was super excited and we spend a lot of time at the sky deck to make some pics and to enjoy the awesome view there. Tip: buy the tickets at home, so you don’t have a waiting time at the entree.

  • we visited two museums, the field museum and the museum of science and industry and we can recommend both of them. The exhibitions are really interesting and it’s perfect of a bad weather day.

  • Once in lifetime I’d meet the famous chicago bean and then you realized that you really stand in front of it – it’s such a funny thing. Also nice in winter days is, that you can do ice skating ahead of the bean.

  • As I mentioned before, a nice variety from the big city life is to spend a few hours at the lake, enjoy the awesome city skyline and spend some relaxing hours there. Great therefore is the chicago river or the navy pier – it’s a entertainment mile where you can spend hours and hours to eat, drink and shop.

  • At some places in the city you can find it, the famous chicago subway – it seems that she glides. At some places it really looks magical so that’s also a little highlight from my chicago trip.


About this trip:
Hotel: the whitehall hotel (booked via expedia)
Arrival: by car or flight (I can recommend the american airline booked direct)

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