Grüner See / Green Lake – a natural must see spectacle

Have you ever heard from the magical spectacle at the Grüner See / Green Lake in austria? No? Then I’ll tell you something about this little paradise place. Nearly every year after the snowmelt, the lake fills with an awesome clear meltwalter of the surrounding mountains and it shines and sparkles in its stunning emerald green colours. I’ve heard soo much of it, there was also a reportage on galileo of this place too and finally, some time ago, I made with my husband a daytrip to this speechless place. ps: don’t forget your gym shoes, if you visit the lake too 😉

In spring, after the snowmelt, the water in the lake rises, how height it rise depends on the amount of snow received during the winter and also on the precipitation. Then the water level slowly recedes during the summer, until autumn. In the winter the water disappears completely. This spectacle can take place every year, but only because nature and the environment are still in order in styria / austria.


How you can arrive at this place?
It’s located in the north of styria / austria and the best way to arrive there is the car. There’s a large parking spot, from this point you have to walk until the lake. So it’s better to wear sport shoes.

When it’s the perfect time to visit the green lake?
As I’ve mentioned, the perfect season to explore the area around the green lake is the snowmelt, it’s in the month around april, may and june. Closer to autumn and winter, the water dissolve and you won’t be able to see the magical colors.

What can you do at the green lake?
So there’re a lot of different hiking ways around the lake which are perfect for a relaxing day in the nature, surrounds by the beautiful lake and the mountains. For a break, you can use one of the many benches around the lake or there’s also a restaurant.

It’s also possible to spend a night at the green lake?
Yes that’s possible you can also book an accommodation there or in the area around the lake.

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