FLORIDA – the sunshine state

Miami / Florida / USA – sometimes, it seems so unreal for me, that I was really there – on the other side of the world, visited so many beautiful and stunning places. Florida is called the sunshine state and we also saw, why it is so called. The landscapes are so beautiful, the coasts and beaches are amazing, even the typical american flair is gone, it’s a mix of island and jamaica feeling – easy, not fast and sunshine kissed. The highlights are truely the awesome sunsets – so so beautiful, especially the different colours. It’s really amazing and a special must see.

On our trip through the east coast of the usa, our last stop was in florida. We flight from chicago to miami and there we stayed for 8 days. We had a perfect hotel – the Urbanica The Meridian Hotel – a boutique hotel located in Miami South Beach. I can highly recommend the hotel and also this location, because you’re really fast in miami city and you can walk to the beach by foot, you’ll reach it within 8 minutes. Also a perfect way to check out the area of miami beach is by bike. You can rent them at nearly every corner, with it, you see a lot of the miami flair and you can reach all important places. Just a great alternative to the car and for looong walks 😉

Soo but what should you do in Florida? There’re so many things to do and because of the large impressions from this trip, I decided to make two blog posts for you. This one, with the highlights of florida and another one with my highlights from miami ♡☼ By the way, we had a rent car for four days, so we visited all the following highlights by car.
Travel tip: book the rent car online a few months for your trip, so you’ll get the best price. It’s also not a good idea to rent the car direct at the local store, because the prices are really high.

So here are my five highlights, which you should absolutely see, if you ever visit florida:

  1. Key West – the keys: this is really a paradise place. Had I known, that the keys are so amazing, I had spent an extra time there. so we just did a daytrip from miami to the keys, but these impressions stay forever. It’s such a beautiful landscape and the water is so amazing turquoise blue, I’ve never seen this before and also the combination with the palm trees and the beautiful buildings – yeah it’s an own flair and still awesome.
  2. Everglades – the national park. The drive through the park is really a highlight. You can see all over there different types of animals. You have also the chance to see crocodiles and a lot of other things. There’re also areas, where you can watch the different animals. It’s so stunning, you drive miles and miles and on the left and right side you only see the reserve, trees, water places and you’re excited, what you’ll see next.
  3. The other side of florida also offers a lot nice places, one of it is naples. We spend there a day and we were really surprised of the varity that florida offers. this city isn’t typical american, it also has a nice europen style. Some of you may like the west coast of florida much more then the east coast. I can absolutely understand it, the architecture is similar to the european style. I can totally recommend a beach day in naples, it’s a perfect hot spot for it.
  4. From the west coast to the east coast – the highlight there was for me fort lauderdale. It’s really famous and the flair is also awesome – the same as miami but a bit calm. The beach is really great and the local bars and the stroll street is just perfect for a nice afternoon.
  5. Sunset hunting – as at every place in the world, we also find in florida the perfect place to watch a colourful awesome and magical sunset. In the everglades it’s really magical to stop at one of the perfect places and watch the sun going down at the national park – it’s a special must see, which I can recommend.

About this trip:
Hotel: Urbanica The Meridian Hotel (booked via secret escapes)
Arrival: by flight (the airline depends from where you come; within the usa I can recommend the american airline; from europe to the usa and back I can recommend the TAP airline)
Car: rent car from sixt (booked via expedia)

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