copenhagen – a north european story

Copenhagen / Denmark / Europe. My expectations were high as I booked my first trip in the north of europe. What would we see? How’s the weather there, how are the people and what about the landscape and the food? With these and a lot of other questions, we started our girls trip to denmark. So why I’ve choosed this country? Copenhagen is a really interesting city, with an awesome architecture and a nice flair. These were also our first impressions from this place. The architecture is really fascinating, it’s a very cool mix of new and old building styles. The new style is very modern, you can’t compare it with our austrian style, but I really like it. The flair of the north of europe is also really special, the people are very friendly, polite and also speak english very well. The only negative I need to mention is, that the life, daily things, food and drinks are extremely expensive, compared with my home country. All in all it was an interesting experience and I’ll definitely explore some other northern european cities.


As always you can find all about my trip, hotel, sightseeing information and some other necessary things, which may help you for your next trip, below.

How you get there? We flight from vienna directly to copenhagen. Then we choose the opportunity to take the metro to the main town. There’re also a lot of other possibilities, but the public transports in copenhagen are very comfortable and also a cheap option to a taxi. We paid for a oneway ticket to kopenhagen centralstation around € 5,00 for each person. A taxi transport costs around € 40,00.

Copenhagen capivate with his varity, because it’s a city for everyone, no matter if young or old. Architecture, museum, shopping or food lover, everybody will find the right for him. Also a big plus for this city is the location close to the sea. It’s a beautiful landscape, to see these colourful houses reflected in the sea. I generally love the atmosphere from the normal city life mixed with the sea life, it’s a perfect match also for long summer evenings 😉 Another big plus from copenhagen is naturally the location close to sweden, so it’s possible to visit two countries with one trip. We also did so and I’ll write about this opportunity of course an own blog post.

And here are my top five tips for things you can do in this beautiful city:

  • an absolutely must do is to rent a bike and make a little bike tour through the beautiful north european city. It’s not a difficult thing to rent a bike in copenhagen, because the whole city is full of them – at every corner you can find bicycle stands and there’re so many options to rent them. by the way, we rent our bikes at our hotel, so we also started our tour there. Then we drove through the whole city to den lille havfrue, further to christianshavn and nyhavn and back. I really enjoyed the tour, because it’s a perfect opportunity to get a view over the city, see the city life and also some sightseeing’s. Don’t be afraid to drive by bike through copenhagen, because at the whole city there’re bicycle ways.
  • den lille havfrue – it’s the landmark of copenhagen. Such a beautiful statue but if you wanna make a photo of it, you need to go there in the morning or evening. Because on the main times there’re a lot of tourists – of course 😉 Also nice for a walk is the marine of copenhagen, where this statue is located.
  • shopping – yees, not only for us girls, because also men will find the one or other thing. There’re so many shops in the city, also little boutiques all over there. I was also surprised of the shop interiors and the pretty details for everything – something you don’t see in austria, but it takes shopping to a new level – i liked it 🙂
  • naturally a little highlight at the whole city is the modern architecture and the mix of old building style with the modern buildings. also the merger to one building style is really stunning and it’s really awesome, how these styles matches together. I’m just in love with it. Not only the building style is stunning, also the building style of the bridges is it too, because there’re more than 100 bridges in copenhagen and a lot of them has her one great style.
  • last but not least, you should absolutely visit nyhavn and christianshavn. the colourful houses at nyhavn are awesome – it looks like a picture book, but a walk through these street is enough, as you’ll see, because of the expensive prices expect you’ll pay for a coffee around 9 euros… therefore you’ll find cute little bars and nice places in christianshavn, there you’ve also normal prices for food and drink with a better quality too 😉

Of course there’re a lot of other sightseeing’s like the tivoli park, it’s a funpark with a few things to do, but we hadn’t such a good weather, so we preferred to shop a little bit more 😉


About this trip:
Hotel: First Hotel Mayfair (booked via secret escapes)
Flight: austria airline: vienna – copenhagen (booked direct)

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