Malmö – it’s a sweden dream

Malmö / Sweden / Europe. Maybe you can remember, as I made my first trip to north europe, I visited copenhagen and I matched this trip with a three-days-trip to malmö. Just to see sweden for the first time and what should I say? I just like it – sweden had me at the first sight. Denmark is nice, but sweden is nicer, it’s a bit difficult to describe, it’s the way the people are: they are more friendly, more uncomplicated, more it’s like an island lifestyle, that’s what the sweden atmosphere that I saw, describe at the best – a little bit of island lifestyle in the north of europe 😉 Similar to denmark, the architecture is really fascinating, the sculptures are awesome and I also like the house building style. The parks in the city of malmö were so beautiful filled up with colorful flowers and also the size of them is so large, as we’ll never have in austria. Further for culinary freaks this city is a great place, you can find so many different kitchens not at every corner but at every street, so you’ll never get hungry and you’ll definitely find the right thing for you, because of the high selection for all over the world. That’s also what you’ll find in sweden, a match and mix of different cultures, religions and people – it’s so international. Everywhere you hear english speaking people and you’ll met a few different personalities – it was really interesting and fascination for me, especially at main places you’ll see this much more, then a bit outside.


So I’ve visited in sweden only the city malmö, btw it’s also the third biggest city in sweden. It’s close located to denmark, you can easy reach it from copenhagen by bus or train ( I did it that way, the ticket cost for one side only € 7,-) and the transfer time is around 30minutes. The connection between copenhagen (denmark) and malmö (sweden) is the famous öresund bridge with a length of 7,8km – such an impressive and awesome building, especially the few is great.


Malmö is on the way to be a sustainable living city. The cityscape is really similar with that philosophy, because on the one hand you’ll find a lot of hundred and hundred years old buildings and on the other hand you’ll see new modern building style with a high amount of green areas. So they leave the old buildings and create with a new style a better living quality with a sustainable touch – just a perfect combination. Malmö is definitely a perfect place for a city trip: you’ve a great selection of bars, restaurants, shopping possibilities, museum and you can spend the sunny afternoons at the beach – it’s just a 10 minutes walk from the city away. Shopping freaks will find their heaven, because I’ve never seen such a large product range of interior designs and hippy swedish mode labels. Fun fact: When you cross the öresund bridge, IKEA is the first building, which you’ll see in sweden 😉


How you can explore malmö? I think you’ve to choose between by feet or by bike. I decided me for the first one, if you wanna try the second one, I can recommend it too, because the bicycle ways are very well and you’ll find them in the whole city. To rent a bike is also no problem, because there’re a lot of different retailers and also your hotel will help you with it or they rent it too.

By the way I had the perfect hotel, called the clarion hotel malmö live. It’s really close located to the railway station, to the city and also to the beach and definitely one of my highlights from this trip was the stunning roof top bar in this hotel. The view was soo amazing, you can enjoy it with a perfect drink or also for dinner (tip: make a reservation, otherwise it’s difficult to get a table).

As always you can now read my top three sightseeing tips for this trip:

  • city & shopping – it’s definitely a must to-do to stroll through the city, visit the stunning buildings, check out the cute little places, to take a break in one of the different parks. Also shopping fans, especially interior lovers will absolutely find the perfect stuff.
  • architecture – you’ll find all over the city funny sculptures or awesome buildings, one of them is the tower turning torso. You’ll see this 190 meter high tower from all over the city also because of his structure. Another place for great design is the museum moderna museet or the famous charming place lilla torg.
  • food market & sky bar – if you wanna eat individually and awesome, then you’re right at the market hall saluhall, it’s a paradise for gourmets with kitchens from all over the world. Round your dinner with a drink at the stunning sky bar at the hotel clarion malmö live or at the restaurant västra station.

About this trip:
Hotel: Clarion Hotel Malmö Live (booked via secret escapes)
Flight: austria airline: vienna – copenhagen (booked direct)
Train: copenhagen – malmö (tickets are available at the station)

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