MINIMUNDUS – in one day around the world

Klagenfurt / Carinthia / Austria. Once I had a dream to travel the whole world and someday I’ll see each and every country. But during the day X I can visit the whole world in one day at minimundus klagenfurt – the little world at the wörthersee. Since my childhood I know that famous place, I think as a child I was there a few times ago. It’s simply awesome, to see all this stunning places in one day, you can remember all the beautiful countries and landscapes in our world and you’ll also find some inspiration for your next travel destination.

Did you know that this place was build at 1958? So it also last a large history on it. All model buildings are hand made from minimundus own model builders or by professional model builders from all over the world. The models are built on a scale of 1:25, the making of time depends naturally on the size and the building. For example the building time of the model of the st. peter’s basilica took six years and it’s also the expensivest model with costs about € 730.000,-. The oldest building is the hochosterwitz castle, which is at the minimundus from the beginning. The famous one is the golden gate bridge and the highest the CN tower with 23m.

I spend with my husband a sunny sunday at the minimundus. You can walk from one sightseeing to the next, it’s also possible to read the story of every building. Some of them also move and there’s also a show at every full hour. You’ll find a lot of sitting possibilities to stay for a time and enjoy the awesome view. All in all it’s really nice to be there back after a long time, to see all my favourite buildings in the world and to find a new inspiration – just a perfect trip for a sunday in carinthia 🙂

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