a weekend in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. / USA. On our road trip through the east cost of the USA our ways also lead to the capital of the United States – to Washington D.C. and we spend there a weekend. Yeah, we were there in this amazing city with such an impressive history all over the world and we visit that place. Truly we were a bit excited, what we will see and how this stunning place would be. In the end, we didn’t get disappointed – just the only thing was, that it’s not possible to see the white house closer as we did 😉 But step by step, we choose also on our list washington, because it’s such an important city to visit, there were so many decisions made and it’s simply an essential part of the american history, therefore also a must-see.

We flight from Boston directly to Washington D.C. and spend there a weekend, further we rent a car and drive again in the north direction to lake erie. Truly, if you think about an american trip, this city isn’t what we’ve first in our mind, but it should be, there’re so many reasons for it. Did you know, that washington city was named after the first president of the united states – george washington? Also the seat of the US federal government and several international organizations are there located, all in all it’s an important world political capital and at the same time one of the most visited cities in the world with more than 20 million tourists annually. That place bordering also the states of maryland and virginia and is defined by imposing neoclassical monuments and buildings – including naturally the three leading houses of the federal government: the capitol, the white house and the supreme court. But you’ll also find a high range of museums, performing arts and also a few different memorials from commemorating wars to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King jr.


Not only the history, performance and art is important, you must also try the international kitchen there. Typically for the USA, you’ll get at nearly every corner something to eat, you must definitely try something different out, because of the high range and the awesome taste everywhere. The nation’s capital has a booming restaurant scene, diverse neighbourhoods home to people and cultures from around the world, festive annual events and vibrant nightlife.

We spend our weekend at the liaison capitol hotel – just a perfect location close to all important sightseeing’s, bars and restaurants. The rooms are comfortable, large and silent and the stuff were also super friendly.


As always you can read my top five sightseeing’s for a great city trip to washington:

  • First things first – a good view over the whole city. Therefore you’ve two good options: one is the washington monument and the other one the old post office. We prefer the second one, fun fact: the old post offices a trump hotel,  there you can move with the elevator to the roof top and enjoy the great 360 round view. Not only the view is stunning, also beautiful is the architecture of the building. If you wanna go to the top, there’s also a coffee shop, where you must go through, with an own wall full of old post office boxes.
  • Naturally, definitely a must see in washington is the white house. It’s also possible to make a tour inside the house, therefore you need to contact your embassy. Otherwise you can walk in front of the white house and make some photos, as we did 🙂
  • the capitol – such an impressive building, we were really fascinated about it. The original building was completed in 1800 and it’s the legislative branch of the US federal government. It’s the favourite sightseeing in the whole USA with a few million visitors a year and the entry to the visitor centre is free.
  • museums – washington abounds of a high range of museums, it’s not possible to visit them all. The best ones are the national air and space museum, the museum of natural history, united states holocaust memorial and much more. We spend an afternoon in the natural history museum and it was really interesting. Also a travel tip is, if you visit a museum of the smithonian institute, the entry will be free and they also offer free visitor tours.
  • last but not least, the national mall: it’s simply the beating heart of washington D.C. with most of the smithsonian institute museums clustered along the mall’s two mile stretch and also all the monuments and memorials, which you can find all over the city. Every memorial from the Lincoln to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, they’re all worth to visit.

About this trip:
Hotel: the liaison capitol hotel (booked via secret escapes)
Arrival: by car or flight (I can recommend the american airline booked direct)

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