sicily – italy’s cote d’azur

Sicily / Italy / Europe. Maybe I was so surprised and flashed from this island, because I really had no expectations on it. No anticipations about the life, the sea and the landscape, just a flight ticket, a rent car, a booked accommodation and four days time. My honey and I, we were truly positive surprised from this beautiful island, in the south of italy. Especially I like our trips to islands much more than every other trip, because every single island is unique but it has something special with the typical island lifestyle – I just loove them. Also sicily has his special flair with the italian temperament, these beautiful landscapes with really stunning places and cities – it’s a perfect island, which offers for everybody the right things: city trip, hiking adventure, beach holiday or wine lovers – each can find his favourite activity.

Did you know that sicily is the largest island in the mediterranean sea? If you go to this island by car or by flight, you’ll see the most prominent landmark from fare away – the mount etna, the tallest active vulcan in europe. The biggest cities are palermo, catania, messina and syrakus. With a total area of 25.711km² and a coast lengh of 1.152km it’s really difficult to discover this island in a few days. So we just went to the south east of sicily – especially the regions ragusa and syrakus. On our drive from the airport catania further to the south, we saw such a beautiful landscape, which is also very different with a lot of hills, wine, fruite and vegetable growing. You can imagine that you’re driving a few kilometres through such acreage and suddenly you’ll see a little town or a farmer and other things. It’s really special, outside of the main stream, you won’t find so many tourism things like shops, hotels and cafes. The life there is still simple and old school not at all modern, but I really love that flair – it has something like I wanna call home.

Nevertheless, we start this trip in venice – as mostly, when we flight in the south or to another continent, we flight from this airport, because first of the logistic thing and second the flights and the park areas are cheaper than in austria. So as I mentioned, we flight from venice to catania. Arrived in catania, we got our rent car and the adventure started 🙂 If we flight to an island, it’s for us an absolutely must, that we take a rent car to discover the island, just to see the real life behind the tourism regions and to get to know the typical flair of the country. For our four days in sicily we’ve choosen the region ragusa, because I would stay in a wine accommodation close located to the sea, which a beautiful view over the hills far away to the sea. And yes, after a long search, I also found such a special hotel 😉 It’s called the relais chiaramonte and I can highly recommend it to you, if you’re searching for such an awesome accommodation.

This hotel is just the perfect starting point for a short trip through the south east of sicily. It’s close located to the sea and to some impressive cities. We’ve visited of course ragusa and some other small typical italian cities as pozzallo, ispica or modica. Every single city is really cute, with the small little streets, the typical italian coffee flair, the yummy taste of grilled fish and fresh pasta. The supermarkets aren’t in every little city, so therefore the classic market is there still available. Also the regional products – specially the fruits and vegetables are great. Definitely a must do is to taste the famous and also excellent sicilian wines.

Also typical for italian, the empty houses – you can also find it there, maybe more than in some other regions of italy. In some places offside the main and tourism stream, there’s also a high problem with the waste, you can find them in some side streets or at the country side belong the streets. Not just a few pieces of waste, I’m talking about really big piles of it. That’s the only thing I must mention, which isn’t so beautiful at all.

Last but not least, I’ve a few beautiful beach places for you. A little tip for every island: If you’re searching for a lonely awesome beach, you shouldn’t go to the signposted beaches. Just drive through the coast and stop on little streets or park at the street, where you also see some cars. Then you’ve to go a few minutes to the beach, but it’s always a great idea. Standing cars are the right sign for it, that there’s somewhere a lonely beach, where at the worst case just a few people are. On this way, I’ve found always the best places 🙂 Here you can find my fav beaches in the region ragusa

  • Scoglitti
  • Pozzallo
  • Branco Piccolo
  • Marina di Ragusa
  • Spiaggia di playa grande


About this trip:
Hotel: relais chiaramonte (booked via
Rent car: sicily by car (booked via expedia)
Flight: easyjet: venice – sicily (booked direct)

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