sardinia – the roadtrip

Sardinia / Italy / Europe. Well, I really love road trips, especially when my travel goes to an island. On my opinion, it’s the best way to discover new places and areas. As I book a flight to any island, I always book a rent car to get to know the real island lifestyle. Only a vacation in one place at an island is for me an absolutely no-go. Sardinia was for a long time on my bucket list, I heard so much great things about this island, the water should be so clear, the landscape awesome, typical italian and the food very yummy. So therefore I decided last year in september to spend a week there. Actually I should go there with my mum, but she gets ill, so I spontaneous decided to travel alone. I must also say that this vacay was a road trip, I was nearly every day at another place and therefore travelling alone was for me a great thing. Would this trip be a beach vacation, I wouldn’t do it alone, for sure.

So let the adventure began. I started my trip in venice, where I flight to olbia. Sardinia has two airports: olbia in the north and cagliari in the south of the island. (travel tip:  if you’ll go to sardinia, check where your hotel is located, it pays off to choose the closer aerport. some of you will maybe underestimate the distance on this island) Sardegna is also the second largest island in the mediterranean sea after sicily. Cagliari is the region’s capital and also the largest city on the island. The landscape offers a large variety of mountains, woods, plain, largely uninhabited territories, streams, rocky coasts and on the other side also beautiful long sandy beaches. This island is really different, every region offers an own unique charm, it’s definitely hard to decided, which area is the most beautiful one.

I travelled to sardinia at the end of september and for me this was also the perfect month. The weather was really hot – I had nearly every day 28 degrees or more and only one rainy day. The beaches are lonely, the cities not soo overrun with tourists and for typical sightseeing there aren’t waiting times. Traveling not in the main season offers always some great advantages 🙂 But back to the arrival to this paradise place – you can naturally also go there by ferry or by flight. As I mentioned, I can highly recommend  a rent car to you for the island trips. Above the main areas, the places are sometimes difficult to reach, also the best beaches are founded at lonely areas or left streets. So flight and rent car are checked and then the adventure could start 🙂

As I investigate my travel, I also read a few other travel diaries and travel guides, which road is the best for a trip around this island. Against the most guides, I decided to go from olbia along the north coast, to the west, then to the south and back to the east coast. I saw at the guides, that the most beautiful beaches in sardinia are at the north east side, therefore I wanted to see the best things at the latest 😉 On my researches I approximately calculate, how much kilometres I wanna drive at one day. This naturally depends on the area and the sightseeing in it, but so was my plan. Equipped with a travel map, a car, my suitecase and my camera, the adventure began.


On the first day I drove from olbia along the northern coast to castelsardo. This area is really beautiful, you can find all over there rocks in the landscape also red rocks at the east-north side. On the north of sardinia, the landscape is beautiful rich green and the little towns are so cute. Also the cities which are build into the hillsides are amazing, especially in the sunset light. Castelsardo is also an insider tip, you must visit this city once. Further a stunning highlight was the beach at the isola rossa, because of the light the rocks all over there shine red – what a stunning nature spectacle.

At the next day I moved from castelsardo further to torre della pelosa (definitely a MUST SEE!!) to alghero and made a break in bosa. I always searched the hotels around noon at the same day. I didn’t book the hotel before, because I didn’t know how far I would drive in one day and I wanted to keep a bit spontaneity too. I didn’t stress me at this trip, I always made breaks around the day and spend a few hours at a beach, because it’s not possible to drive past the endless long sandy beaches.

The third day I drove from bosa to oristano and further to sant’antioco. This little island is also a great place to stay there and enjoy the island life. A bit alone but nonetheless in the middle of a town. I drove at this day more than at the others, because the area from bosa to the south isn’t so beautiful, it’s a bit rocky and also unexplored and there isn’t such a beautiful street along the coast. But in all area you can find soo much lonely beaches where only a few people are.

On my fourth day I drove from sant’antioco to lanusei. The natural area between sant’anna arresi and chia is definitely a trip worth. From this place further to the north and also to cagliari it’s really touristic and didn’t has a lot of the typical sardinia flair. Therefore I made on this day also a big part and drove a longer distance.  Also beautiful is the area in the south-east around villasimius, by the way, this area is also typical touristic, with a lot of souvenir shops, bars and overfilled streets. Because of a rainy day I decided to stay in lanusei for another day, also because of this beautiful town and the awesome beach view 🙂

For the last days on this amazing island I decided to stay in la caletta – this little town is close to olbia and to the beautiful golf of orosei. This decision and the one, that I made this road trip was really perfect, the endless long sandy beaches in this area where so amazing, I enjoyed every single day there. So if you want a classic touristic vacay in sardinia, you should go to the south, other way the northwest and the east-north are the right places.

Naturally I wanna make two more blog posts from sardinia, one with the best beaches and one with the stunning places – it’s unfortunately too much information for only one post 😉

sardinia – the caribic of europe


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