it’s all about Miami

Miami / Florida / USA. Next to my last post about florida – the sunshine state of america – I wanna describe in this entry all important things you can do in miami. As I mentioned, miami is the perfect starting point for some excursions due to florida, maybe for discovering key west or watching some crocodiles or panthers at the everglades national park. These tips and more you can find on the separate post, but now, let’s see, what exciting things we can find in miami.

My honey and I, we spent our time in miami south beach at the lovely “the urbanica the meridian hotel”. This was just the right spot for us, the staff was super friendly and always helpful, the hotel is really a little green oasis with a sustainable touch and also the distance to the beach is perfect. In the near of the hotel, you’ve a few opportunities to find some good restaurants and in a few minutes you’re at the beach. The hotel offers you also the possibility to rent a bike, so it’s a bit easier for you to discover the city. We had a rent car, but only to discover florida, for miami it’s truly better to take the bicycle or make a little walk to stroll around 🙂
travel tip: If you wanna rent a car, book it from home. The perfect time might be between three or five months before your travel.

So, before I start with my highlights and must see, I wanna tell you a bit about the life in miami and also some tips, you won’t find in any guides. We discovered a lot of places in the usa and florida was our last station at this road trip. Therefore we were also a bit disappointed about this country. We had about it this picture in our head, we saw on austrian tv or also in so many films: the perfect landscapes with white beaches, party people and the american lifestyle. Yeah, I must say that we also saw this part of miami but only if you’re ready to pay enough for it. Every modern or in location, you have to make a reservation and/or to pay for entry – also for restaurants or bars. Further, we knew it from our trip, that it’s normal – instead of europe – to give around 7-12% tip, but in miami are 15-20% tip normal. Normal means, that it’s on your bill as the vat, so you have to pay it. Be sure, that this is also part of your travel budget plan. Florida was great, but we must say, that this part leaves a bit different light on this state.


Nevertheless, I wanna share my highlights from miami with you:

  1. The famous ocean drive – yeah it’s definitely a hotspot in miami and I just looved it. All over there you can find some old cars or also sport cars. Just everything you need. There’re also a lot of opportunities to take a cafe and watch the interesting things you’ll see 😉
  2. My second fav was of course the miami south beach. It’s just an awesome place to sit there and watch the waves. Also a famous tip is to watch the lifeguard stands with their boys and girls. On the south of the beach – the south point park pier you can watch the beautiful sunset or also the big boats.
  3. Another great to-do is truly to discover the city of miami. You’ll find all over there interesting shops, bars or buildings. A walk through it or a drive with the bike is definitely the best way to explore new things in miami.


About this trip:
Hotel: Urbanica The Meridian Hotel (booked via secret escapes)
Arrival: by flight (the airline depends from where you come; within the usa I can recommend the american airline; from europe to the usa and back I can recommend the TAP airline)
Car: rent car from sixt (booked via expedia)

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