London – a tip for New Year’s Eve

London / Great Britain / Europe. I admit, last year in december it was my first time, that I’ve ever visited london – such a shame 😉 So my honey and I, we were searching for a destination, where we could spend the new year’s eve. We thought about a bigger city, not so far away and therefore we found that london would be the perfect match with our imaginations. Btw: with a flight from vienna it’s just two hours away and easy to reach. Yeah, NYE in London, we thought this would be another highlight in our – meanwhile – loong travel list, but we get disappointed – just a bit 😉

The first impression from england was really typical: the weather was cold, cloudy and fogy – just the perfect welcome for us 😉 Arrived at london, this city remembered us a bit on new york city. The buildings, the style, the people yes it has definitely something from the big apple with an own flair. Awesome to see is also the connection between old building styles and the new modern architecture. Another magical experience was truly to see this mega metropolis with all his bright sparkling lights around christmas and new year’s eve time. This atmosphere has something amazing and unique which you should visit once a lifetime. If you also thing, there’d be a lot of people in London at this time, I can tell the converse, because we hadn’t this feeling, that the city is so overcrowded with touris. Truly at some top sightseeing like the buckingham palace or the famous westminster abbey are full with people, but that’s like in every other bigger place.

So, let me tell you something about this trip. We arrived at London-Stansted it’s one of london airports outside of the big city. I think, also to plan a trip to London, it’s important to know, where your airport is, also for your further plans like the right accommodation, how you’ll get into the city and so on. For getting into the city, we took the Stansted Express, it takes around 45minutes and you can buy the tickets only or also directly at the airport. At our whole trip we only took public transportations like the famous london underground. I think it’s the cheapest and easiest way to move around in this big city. (tickets can you buy at every station, we took a ticket with an fix amount and for every journey the costs will be debited.)

Our hotel was the Moxy London Stratford which I can totally recommend to you. It’s a modern hip hotel with a boutique flair – as you know, I absolutely looove hotels like this. Also the price/performance ratio for london is great and it’s close located to the stratford station (hotel rooms are really quiet, so we didn’t hear any noise) therefore it’s really easy to arrive the centrum in around 15/20 minutes. Also a big shopping centre is around 500m away from the hotel, where you can find many nice things and also a lot of restaurants and bars.

First things first: what we always do, when we’re at the first time in a city, we stroll around and have no idea where we go 😉 Joke, truly we strolled a bit around and let the christmas and NYE’s flair affect to us. We also find some super cute christmas market and a lot of beautiful xmas decoration. Aand we also did the typical london pic with a phone booth in the background. For NYE’s it’s also really interesting to watch the whole city preparing everything for this great evening. We did, what a lot of londoner also do at this day, we went at the evening from pub to pub and had a great time. Just the only thing we get disappointed was, that at the tower bridge of london, there wasn’t a firework. The only place, where you can watch a firework is around the london eye, but you have to buy the tickets a few months before and it’s a complete own area. Also good to know is, that the public transport is on this night from 23.45 to 04.30 o’clock for free. If you think, the party is with NYE’s over, you’re definitely wrong, because on the 1st of january starts the new year’s day parade. Truly also another thing, you should have seen once a lifetime, it’s really great and worth to watch.

My top three highlights for london

  • St. Pauls Cathedral – it’s such a beautiful building inside and out. The lights are awesome and fascination to watch. Did you know that Lady Diana and Charles also married at this church?
  • Buckingham Palace – is the london residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the united kingdom. The building is located at the city of westminster and so therefore often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitalities.
  • The Shard – that view over london is definitely a must see and soo breathtaking. It’s just beautiful to watch the whole city with all these lights or to sunset. travel tip: we bought the tickets a few months ago, for high seasons it’s better to do so.

About this trip:
Hotel: Moxy London Stratford (booked via
Flight: ryanair vienna – london stansted (booked direct)

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