Menorca – the unknown island

Menorca / Spain / Europe. Where is Menorca? This was truly the most question people asked me, if I told them that I’ll travel to this beautiful place. So first of all I’ll answer this question: Menorca is a little island, close located to Mallorca so it’s also one of the five baleare islands. But Mencora has definitely nothing from the mass tourism which you can find in Mallorca or Ibiza, it’s like the opposite of it, this island offers a beautiful different nature with mountains, awesome places, a perfect turquoise blue sea and really calm beaches. My honey and I, we enjoyed and loved every single day there, so peaceful with a lot of friendly helpful people and you can find this typical and also unique island flair which we just loove. Everything goes a bit slower, people are more happier, friendlier and the whole atmosphere is more laid-back as anywhere else, it’s a feeling difficult to describe, but if you’re there, you’ll know what I mean.


First things first, so what do we do, when we arrive at an island? Right, we pick up a rent car to explore better the country. Some of you may know, that we don’t make just a resort vacation, because this would be too boring for us 😉 So we always rent a car to see something from the landscape and if it’s possible then we also take a local hotel not an international company, just to help the regional business. I always book all details by my own, because you’re more flexible, especially with the flight times and you’ve also a larger range of accommodations which you can choose. For Menorca we decided us to stay in a boutique hotel close to one of the two main cities. The reason for it was, that we traveled to spain at the end of the summer season, therefore it can be, that a few restaurants or bars are not open anymore if your accommodation is located a bit outside of a center and you have to search a long time for dinner (we just book our stays with breakfast not with half board). We stayed at the city Ciutadella, it’s located in the west of menorca. The airport is at the east side close located to Maó the main city of the island. The distance between these two places is less than one hour, because the island is not really large which a total area of about 695.7km². Ciutadella convinced from the beginning with the beautiful architecture, the stunning buildings and the cute streets. Just a place we can totally recommend to you.


As I mentioned, we booked a boutique hotel and this one was really unique. The hotel is called Nao Catedral Boutique Hotel and it doesn’t offer a reception, instead of it you have a self check-in automat, where you can do the check in by your own. This go super easy, you just need to follow the instructions, scan your passport and pay the local tax with your credit card. Then you’ll get your room card and you can go into the hotel. At the check out, you just leave your room card at the check out box and everything is done. Of course is the hotel management everytime available via phone or mail, if there’s any problem. We just loved this system and also the beautiful hotel. We took a suite with an awesome roof top view that we could enjoy every single sunrise and sunset and this was definitely worth to see.

What are the things you can do in Menorca? There’s a lot to do, you can choose between so so many beautiful lonely beaches, you can make a bicycle tour or a hiking adventure, a boat tour and much much more. I’ll let you know the things which we did and the places we’ve visited, maybe you can also find a travel inspo for your bucket list:

  • lighthouse far d’artrutx: this was really a nice stop there because also a little restaurant/bar is at this house, where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere. On good weather days it’s also possible to see the neighbor island Mallorca. The Lighthouse is located in the southwest of menorca.
  • take a walk through the old town of Ciutadella: also if you’re hotel isn’t there, visit this cute town. It’s really interesting to watch the architecture and you definitely must visit the port. It’s a must see.
  • the beaches: just take a car and drive to one of these stunning places. I can’t get enough of this view. We’ve visited the following beaches:
    • Platja son saura
    • Playa Cala Galdana
    • Santo Tomas
  • To visit the lighthouse far de cavalleria in the north wasn’t the same as in the south of the island. The landscape is really different, it’s more hilly and also a bit windy. This house is also located at a nature park this is just a little trip worth.
  • Also a must do is a visit in the main city Maó, just to stroll a bit around and to discover europe’s largest natural harbor.


About this trip:
Hotel: Nao Catedral Boutique Hotel (booked via
Rent car: Goldcar (booked via expedia)
Flight: easyjet venice – menorca (booked direct)

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