Tel Aviv – a place that never sleeps

Tel Aviv / Israel / Asia. Admittedly I was really nervous and excited too as we stand at the airport and waited for our boarding to tel aviv. What would we see, what would us expect, which people would we meet and is this really a secure place to travel? As you can see, a lot of questions and most of them were not necessary, because this city was truly one of the safest places we’ve ever been. But not only this, tel aviv is so much more, it’s hip, modern but with an old traditional touch and it fascinated me from the first glance. The people are super friendly and helpful, also the mix of soo many different nationalities make a huge difference to other big cities. In tel aviv you’re still in a metropolis but the charm, the world openness, the understanding for new things and the modern future is more present than in so many other big cities in europe. Tel Aviv is in many points a pioneer city where european could learn a bit 😉


This city definitely surprised us from the beginning. Well, not quite from the beginning because the immigration control took around two hours, this was really a bit crazy and the working style of the employees were similar like in arabic countries and this was already the only negative point in our whole trip 🙂 Did you know that tel aviv is located at the mediterranean sea so you can combine a city trip with a beach vacay. Also another facts about this big city is that it has the 31st highest cost of living in the world, which you can also see at the food or drink costs, they are really high compared to european you can also say, that the prices are like in the USA. Also with tip is the same practice as in america, a tip between 10-18% is common. Some other things, which are good to know, are that tel aviv is also a university city, so there’re a lot of students from all over the world there. Another fact is that in this city live around 30.000 dogs and it’s also one of the dog-friendly cities of the world with own dog beaches or cinemas. Just two more things you should know: tel aviv is a paradise for food lover, sushi and vegan food is a must try and it’s also super yummy and definitely worth to try it out 🙂 Aand the last one, this place is also a paradise for gay people, you can also see the annual tel aviv gay pride parade there.


I’ve read a lot of travel guides for this city and in one of them were written, that you should let yourself be carried away by the exuberant mood in this city. Yeah what should I say, my honey and I we did so and we didn’t get disappointed from this awesome city. The lively nightlife and the 24-hour-cultre is just too present in tel aviv, you can’t ignore it. We’ve visited this place at the beginning of november so sunrise is really early, I think around 6.30 am and sunset is it too, around 16.45h. In the time between sunset and 22.00h happened not much in the city but around 22.00h the city starts to live again and the real nightlife starts. It’s just awesome and definitely a must see if you ever visit this place. We took so many impressions and energy from this place it’s just awesome to be there once and it’s also truly a place, you need to visit a lot of times.


So I’ll let you know, how we get from the airport into the city. First of all it’s important that you know the shabbat, it’s the 7th jewish weekday where nobody works (not nobody because of the 24-hours culture there’re still people working but it’s good to check restaurants or bars of their opening times, maybe some of them are closed) Shabbat goes from sunset at friday until sunset at saturday and in this time also the public transport doesn’t work. We took from the airport a taxi with the app gett (like uber but in israel it’s called gett and is a bit popular than uber) and we paid around 150 israeli shekels (it’s the local currency). Into the city it’s the easiest way to rent a bike, e-bike or e-scooter to move around. We also did so with the app bird (e-scooter) you can rent the scooter at nearly every corner around the city and you can also leave the scooter at many predetermined places.


Because of the high living costs we decided us to book an apartment via airbnb and we didn’t get disappointed. Our apartment was super large with a perfect view. We took an apartment in the district city center, just the perfect location not far away from a few main streets and really close to the beach.

Here are our top things which we did in tel aviv and which we also think it’s a must see for this city trip:

  • the luxury rothschild boulevard is maybe the most expensive street in the city but pretty to watch, especially the colorful buildings and the varity. It’s also possible to drive through the whole street by bike or stroll around, take a break at one of the lovely cafes and watch the people.
  • complete different to the whole city is the oldtown jaffa in the south of tel aviv. this district is full of old building houses, hip little galleries, restaurants and a beautiful view of the jaffa port.
  • also a must see is one of the famous markets carmel or shuk HaNamal, where you can shop food, drinks or spices or other everyday products.
  • the beaches 🙂 just so beautiful, especially the bograshov beach can I totally recommend to you. a must do is also to enjoy the sunset at the beach promenade, it’s worth to see that.
  • at least the food: don’t be scared for new things, just try them. In tel aviv you’ll find a lot unknown food but it’s all really yummy and taste.


About this trip:
Accommodation: apartment (booked via airbnb )
Flight: laudamotion vienna – tel aviv (booked direct)

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