sardinia – best beach spots

Sardinia / Italy / Europe. Next to my blog post about the road trip through sardinia, I wanna describe with this entry my favourite beach spots at this cute beautiful island. Maybe you know it from my first post, that I didn’t took the ideal route for a trip through sardinia, which one you can find in all travel guides, I decided to took my own perfect itinerary. So I started in the north-east in olbia and went along the north coast further to the west, south and then back to the east coast. For me this was the perfect way, because you can find the most beautiful beach places at the east coast, this was one of the main reasons why I decided this route – I wanted to keep the best places for the end of the vacay 🙂

Naturally you can find all over the whole island perfect beach spots, lonely beaches but of course also overcrowded places at the sea. The most fav tourism areas are in the north at costa smeralda, it’s located in the north-east or in the south the places around cagliari and in the south-east around villasimius. Nevertheless I didn’t hunt after main stream places but rather after the perfect beach place 🙂 For me this means an endless long sandy beach – ideal with white sand – clear turquoise blue water and a sunshine day 😉 But where in Sardinia can you find this? Well, I wanna show you all my highlights from my road trip through this beautiful island along my travel route. So let’s start at olbia, from there I moved to the north west. The first time after olbia isn’t so beautiful, it’s a bit hilly and rocky without long sandy beaches. They’re more likely small sandy coves with small free spaces or overfilled with loungers, but the water was everywhere totally clear. In the middle of the north coast there’s a highlight, called the isola dei gabbiani, it’s super cute with beautiful beaches around – definitely a must see and also a fav spot for windsurfers. Another awesome place for my first day was the beach at the town isola rossa. I went there around sunset, at the beach were only a few people and the area around this little paradise is full with red rocks, so the whole beach shines in these beautiful colors – absolutely worth to see.

On my second day I moved further to the north west, there’re two beaches I’ve visited, the spiaggia delle saline and the spiaggia la pelosa. The first one I wouldn’t recommend to you, because the water and the beach aren’t so clear and there’re a lot of seaweed. Completely different is the beach la pelosa, it’s soo beautiful there with a long sandy beach, also right for a walk and with cute bars to enjoy a cafe break with a view over the sea. Nice to watch there is the castle on an own island surrounded with the sea. Then I moved further along the coast with direction to the south. I found a few nice beaches but the landscape was really different to the perfect beach in the morning – with a lot of rocks, mountains and only beach coves in the middle. Every single beach is completely different, unique and nice to visit.

The next day took me from bosa to the south at the island sant’antioco. On my way I found again some really cute places and also one spot, which I can totally recommend to you, this was the area around portixeddu and especially the beaches there, also called spiaggia di portixeddu. I moved the street to the cap pecora and on this way you’ve such an awesome view over the beaches and the whole nature landscape it’s really break taking. Btw: this area is also called costa verde. Additional to the south you can find some similar places, but not so special. Arrived in the south of sardinia there’re also a few beaches with white sand like the beach la salina in calasetta.

Another day, another beach 😉 So between sant’antioco and cagliari the area isn’t beautiful, the landscape is more rocky without great places. Further to the south east and around villasimius there’re a lot of great beaches and/but it’s more touristic. Best spots were solanas or spiaggia di campulongu. Then I moved further to the north and stayed two days close to lanusei. The beach there was soo awesome it’s called spiaggia torre di bari and the view is just stunning also the water is so clear. But it’s not a sandy beach it’s with pebble.

My last days at this paradise place I spent around the area caletta and I also searched there for the best beach places. One awesome spot is the beach spiaggia di berchida the beach is endless long, there’re also cute little red rocks and the water is soo clear, it’s awesome there. And my last beach hunting tip for you is the beach la caletta also super long and really nice to stay there longer or to watch a sunrise.

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