bratislava – visit the capital city of slovakia

Bratislava / Slovakia / Europe. Bratislava a city not far from my home base away and nevertheless last year in november it was the first time, that I’ve visited this place, such a shame 😉 I think as an european it’s a must to visit at least the neighbour capital cities of your home country, just to know your neighbours better and also to know what’s going on a few kilometres from your home away. A few of you will maybe think, what should be different just because of a border, but they’d marvel about it what such a little thing can trigger. A border always stands for another country, another culture and a different land. Now I’ve visited a few countries and it’s always the same, maybe the landscape isn’t really different but the people and the culture are it. Well, back to my trip to bratislava, as I mentioned I spend in november 2019 a weekend with my mum there. Some of you might know that I always spend for city trips not longer as 3-5 days, it depends on the city size and on the sightseeing’s. Usually it’s always enough on time, the only difference is when you’re visiting a city at the sea then you can plan a few more days just for relaxing and hanging around at the beach.


Good to know about bratislava is also, that it’s located at the three country corner, that means the neighbour countries are austria and hungary. It’s also the only capital city of the world, which adjacent to two countries. This attribute makes the city to a meeting point of three different cultures and you can see the importance of it in the whole area. So if you’re visiting bratislava you can also combine your trip with a visit in austria, more specifically at the capital city of austria – vienna. Between these two cities is only a distance of 55 kilometres bee line. The city history has been influenced by people of many nations and regions, it was the coronation site and legislative centre of the kingdom of hungary and has been home to many slovak, hungarian and german historical figures. Some of you might also not know, that bratislava developed to a modern, cultural and economic centre around the donau area. You can also find some really modern buildings and around the next corner you’ll see some old traditional buildings. The architecture is typical as in some other mediterrane cities in europe with a lot of cute little streets, churches and a promenade next to the river.  It’s also really interesting to know, that the city had a few (19!) various names and the last one was “Pressburg”. Bratislava also has a lot of different bridges over the donau, one of them has the name “Chuck-Norris-Bridge”. One bridge also leads to one of the famous sightseeing from bratislava which is called the UFO. This is a 85 meter high platform, where you’ve a 360° view over the city and there’s also a restaurant located. Unfortunately we were not able to enter the observation tower, because it was closed for a private event (wasn’t written anywhere). Tip: If you wanna visit the UFO, go by foot over the bridge, so you’ve a very impressive view over bratislava and also further to the castle.


What’s always a good idea for exploring a new city? Right! Just stroll around without a map, to find some unknown places, to see some local stores or people far away from mainstream. So you can also find some nice cafes, restaurants and shops 🙂 Also the food experts between us will find the right things, because the mix of the three cultures reflects also to the food. No matter if you’re searching for some wine tasting in one of the old cellar bars, a nice cafè for a shopping break or lunch or a classy restaurant for dinner, the choice is huge. The special of it is also the mix of the tastiness: hungarian spiciness meats the austrian-germany kitchen and local slovakian meals. This is also a great mix and very varied. Naturally you can also find other restaurants all over the city like italian, japanese or greek one. Aaand don’t forget to eat a trdelnik, it’s sooo yummy 🙂

My mum and I we spent the weekend at the NH Bratislava Gate One hotel and I can totally recommend this hotel for you. It’s easy to find, the service and especially the breakfast is awesome. The location is also perfect, because on the opposite side of the hotel there’s a shopping mall 😉 Tip: We left the car at the hotel and went with ubber into the city. You can also use the bus or in summer the bike.

Well, now you can find my top sightseeing’s for bratislava, which are a must visit:

  • bratislava castle: it’s the main castle of bratislava, with four corner towers stands on an isolated rocky hill of the little carpathians directly above the danube river in the middle of bratislava. Also because of the size it’s very impressive and you can see it from all over the city. It’s really nice to go by foot on the top, where you’ve an amazing view of the city. Tip: If you wanna make some pics, go there before sunrise or after sunset, because it’s one of the main attractions and therefore always filled with a lot of touris.
  • ufo: as I mentioned, it’s a platform, where you’ve a 360° view over bratislava. entry costs € 7,40 pP and there’s also a restaurant at the top.
  • michaeltor: it’s the only surviving gate of the medieval city fortifications of bratislava and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Into the tower is the force museum located. It’s also possible to enter the 51 meters high tower. From the top you’ve also a nice view over the city. entry: € 4,50 pP.
  • st. martin church: it’s a gothic church, consisting of three naves from the 15th century and the former coronation church. A gilded replica of the coronation crown fixed on the top of the cathedral tower.
  • blue church: last but not least this interesting building. it’s also called the st. elizabeth’s church and was built in the art nouveau style at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s remarkable for the blue colour of its facade made with attention to detail with often use of mosaic. It’s a popular place for weddings and baptisms.

About this trip:
Hotel: NH Bratislava Gate One**** (booked via secret escapes)
Arrival: by car

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