With travel.summer.sea I found an opportunity to share my passion for travel with the whole world. Maybe some of you will say that I’m really travel addicted and that’s also right – barely back from a trip, I could back my suitcase again and explore the world.

A few years ago, I’ve set the goal to visit every country in the world once, always travel to places, where I’ve never been before and never visit the same place again.

My passion for travel exist since my childhood – thanks to my parents – and also the love to photography has been around for a very long time, mostly for the reason, that I can watch the pics like a return ticket to my travels.

In spring 2017 I’ve decided to share my passion for travel and photography on instagram and nearly one year later, I’m happy to launch my own travel & lifestyle blog!

From now I can’t only share pics with you, I’ve also the opportunity to tell you the story from every photo – because every single photo has ALWAYS his own story behind 😉

I called this blog travel.summer.sea because it includes all my favourite things: my passion for travel, my favourite season the summer (every season has his own sham, but my favourite one is the summer with sunshine, 25°C and an endless blue sky) and the sea, where I can sit and watch the waves the whole day 🙂

Also the category lifestyle is really important for me. There’re still so much interesting themes and things in my life, which I wanna share with you. Maybe it’s an inspo for some of you or you also share my opinions.

The man behind the scenes is my husband Gernot. Since more then 11 years I explore the most destinations with him and he’s surely my best travel buddy ♥

I really hope you enjoy this blog and maybe you also find some inspirations for your next travels.

Best wishes