KLICKERR – the platform for online services


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Digitalization. Sustainability. Change. Three key words they’ll surely accompany us for a long time and will definitely dominate this year too. The digitalization has already got a firm grip on us. Whether private or in our job, nobody is able to avoid the digital change. A lot of companies have discovered the benefits of the new, modern digital world for itself and are already able to use and to implement these in their daily routines. The theme of sustainability is gaining in importance from year to year and also in recognition. Many of you already know that sustainability can be lived consciously and that it can also be combined quite well with the everyday things in life. In this way you can’t only make a contribution to the environment, rather you’re able to leave an ecological footprint. Last but not least the change – also this year stands in the sign of change, many things are on the move, ways of thinking change, working methods are rethought and topics viewed in a new light. This not only affects very banal things in everyday life, it could also change working conditions or attitudes to digital change. Going modern new ways, convey knowledge, connect people worldwide and pay attention to sustainability, all these principles have the austrian start-up KLICKERR taken to heart. The result is the online platform KLICKERR – here you can share and offer knowledge worldwide via video live chat.

My brave follower always know that I’m a huge fan of modern products and services mit a sustainable touch. Therefore I was happy to deal also in this case with the topics sustainability and digitalization. But now I wanna tell you something about KLICKERR, how the company works, what they do and how you can also benefit from this service, because after all the slogan is “Turn your knowledge into money” and this sounds very promising.


KLICKERR is an online platform, where people are able to connect together from all over the world about countless themes via video live chat. Consequently it’s easy, fast and uncomplicated possible for people to retrieve services from experts at home, to learn online or to offer their own knowledge for other people. Actually it’s possible to offer and to book knowledge in the categories business, digital, hobby, lifestyle, languages, music, engineering and much more. Here you can find a few examples:

  • German – let’s make it easy
  • guitar lessons
  • fitness coaching
  • create your own webshop
  • social media consultation, and much more


As you can see, the offer is broad, so no matter if you need a private tutoring, a guitar lesson, a language or business theme, you can find for each part an own expert which is available with his knowledge. The offer of knowledge is actually possible in 18 different countries including USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia. The simplest way to explain the use of knowledge is as follows: You urgently need legal information, but you’ve been so professionally involved in your job, that it’s only possible to make an appointment in a few weeks. With KLICKERR you can find the expert or the service you need and which is the perfect one for you immediatly, then you can book a live chat at any time and at any day you like. So you’ve the opportunity to call up your individual legal information easy and comfortable from home, regardless of location, without stress and time pressure. The transaction also includes for example appointments, any clarifications with the experts via text chat in advance, payment and also the live chat, all these things are processed via the online platform. You’ve also the possibility to evaluate the service at the end and also in worst case – in case of dissatisfaction – to cancel the service free of charge. (Btw: there’re no addition costs/fees for user)

How it works:

  1. You can register for free at any time on KLICKERR, without conditions and just to browse 😉
  2. If you’ve found a suitable offer, you send the provider an appointment request.
    Tip: With every offer you’ve also the opportunity to get to know the expert using a 10min free chat to exchange information and to clarify any questions in advance.
  3. Then the appointment request is confirmed by the provider and payment is made by credit card. In the chat area you can again read detailed information about the product and the terms or conditions of the offer.
  4. At the agreed time, suppliers and buyers meet in the KLICKERR video- & text chat. (A video chat is recommended for an ideal transfer of knowledge)
  5. At the end of the time, the video chat closes automatically then you’ve the opportunity to rate the expert.
  6. If there is not enough time or a shorter session is needed you have the opportunity to ask for a so-called special product. You can arrange individually with the expert a time and an amount.


Offering knowledge works just as quickly and easily as booking knowledge, talent or personal service. Thereby KLICKERR enables you to conveniently earn money as a remote worker from home. Is there a hidden talent in you? You speak several languages and would like to pass on your knowledge to other people then with this online platform you’ve the change to do it. It’s also practical that KLICKERR bundles all performances and offers you a total package, it means that services, that you would have to look for in individual ways, offers the company as all-in-one solution. To this service counts offer, order, text- & video chat, legal framework, information requirements to the user and also the payment. Good to know is, that there’re no hidden fees, if the service carried out successfully, fix costs in the amount of € 0,49 and 3% of the sales price will be charged to you. This amount will be deducted directly from the payment to the provider of the knowledge. Due to the low costs, KLICKERR is clearly below the competition, because the company’s focus is on serving people, save time and to leave a sustainable footprint. The services can be offered by private persons and companies with a european tax number and so it works:

  1. Simply register for free on KLICKERR and customize the profile. Here you can also link your own website and your social media channels or you can connect the offered products on KLICKERR with the facebook shop. Companies can also list their own terms and conditions and their company contacts in their profiles.
  2. In the next step you can draw up an offer. Here you’ve to fill in the basics like language, description & title, price, time, category and the picture.
    Tip: Also helpful is the provided guide line for the preparation of the offer and also the youtube video. Therefore it’s easily and uncomplicated possible to put the offer in a few minutes online.
  3. As soon as someone asks for your offer, you’ll receive a notification via mail. For a first get to know you can also use the 10min free chat, here you can ask some questions and clarify some details.
  4. If the booking date has been confirmed, the offer is accepted and the user pays the service directly via KLICKERR. The amount will be released for providers within seven days of implementation and minus the above fees paid to the specified bank account. Btw: there are no additional payment fees or bank transfer costs.
    Tip: I also find the payout calculator useful, here you can calculate the payout amount in advance.
  5. Provider and customer meet for video live chat at the agreed time.
  6. After the time, the chat closes automatically – the service is ended.


My conclusion:
KLICKERR offers people the opportunity to network worldwide and to exchange knowledge indefinitely. If you take advantage of digitization, it’s possible to access the necessary knowledge from home at individual times. Here you not only protect the environment through unnecessary journeys to courses or appointments instead you also do something good for yourself, because you can fix your dates flexible, without stress and time pressure. Moreover you’ve the possibility to pass on your acquired knowledge to other people. KLICKERR – an online platform as a pioneer for remote work and global knowledge exchange. I’m convinced of the company, the philosophy and the platform.

PS: Here you can find my offers on KLICKERR.